With hundreds of bore welders on the market, we realize that you have many choices. With over two decades of industry experience, at Superior, we offer our clients the best bore welders on the market. We also offer the option of either renting or renting-to-purchase. This allows our clients the option of deciding for themselves if they want to use one of our bore welders for a limited time or a lifetime. The following is a brief overview of our bore welders.

Smart Weld BW-830

20190108_134303Our Smart Weld BW-830 is a full-function MIG bore welding system for inner diameter (ID) or outer diameter (OD). It comes equipped with a bore range of 1.5” to 30" and employs step technology. This allows a complete first and final pass of the bore as opposed to spiral bead machines. The BW-830 is the most advanced bore welding gun currently available on the market. It's welding features include a segment bore weld, circular bore weld, and a skip bore weld. This is in addition to a facing and conical weld, which are available as options.

The BW-830 is the first tool of its kind that does all the weld speed calculations for you. The days of having to deal with the maze of wires or complicated set-up are gone. All the cables are enclosed in the MIG whip, making it extremely user friendly.


Easy WeldEasy Weld BW-612 BW-612

Superior's Easy Weld is the first entry-level bore weld with an adjustable step feature. This adjustable step feature allows you, the user, to control the bead placement of the weld. Other machines use a spiral feed, thereby forcing the operator to modify the welding parameters to suit the bore welder's limitations. Our BW-612 allows the user to adjust the bore welder to suit the parameters that best suit the application.

The BW-612 can be used with any wire feeder that has burn-back control. It has a very straightforward remote control that adjusts the torch rotation speed and turns the wire feeder on and off. The BW-612 can weld in any position and mounts to the same set-up plate that supports the boring bar.

20181214_110736Large Bore BW-1200

The most powerful MIG welder in our arsenal is the BW-1200. It has an extraordinary range of 12” to 120” and optional weld strokes of 24”, 36”, and 48”, with a maximum current of 500 amps and wire sizes running from 045. to 062. Torch lengths are available from 12” upwards of 10 feet, depending on requirements. This welder also has several programmable operation modes such as the precision step process for circular OD/ID, segment, skip uni- or bi-directional, pause, and resume.

SPR’s Bore Welders

Regardless of the bore welder you select, rest assured that you receive the entire package when you choose a product from Superior. Should you have any questions or concerns about the tool, our experienced customer service representatives will be on hand to answer your questions. Additionally, if you run into any issues, we'll be happy to help with repairs or replacements. That's the Superior difference. Request a quote today!