SPR's Large Diameter Boring Bars are the ultimate solution for shipbuilders seeking precision and efficiency. Expertly designed to cater to the unique needs of the shipbuilding industry, our boring bars offer an impressive range of boring diameters, from 400mm all the way up to a staggering 3048mm. With such versatility, our machines are capable of tackling any large bore project with ease.

The Model 2000 machine, equipped with an 8" diameter boring bar, effortlessly machines bores ranging from 16" to an impressive 60" in diameter. For larger projects, the Model 2500 steps up the game with a 10" diameter boring bar, capable of handling bores from 28" to an astounding 72" in diameter. But that's not all - our flagship Model 3000 machine takes it to the next level with a commanding 12" diameter boring bar, conquering bores ranging from 57" to an astonishing 120" in diameter.

What sets our boring bars apart is their innovative design and exceptional performance. Each chrome-plated bar is meticulously crafted and features two leadscrews positioned at 180 degrees, ensuring a smooth and precise feed of the cutter head along the entire length. With these bars available in convenient 30-foot lengths, our machines deliver unmatched productivity and efficiency.

Powering these extraordinary machines is a robust 40-HP hydraulic power unit, providing the necessary force to tackle even the most challenging projects. To make your job even easier, we've included a handheld remote control, allowing effortless adjustment of feeds and speeds for optimal performance.

When it comes to large bores that demand precision and reliability, SPR stands as the industry leader. Whether you're in need of purchasing or renting, our team is ready to assist you. Simply request a quote below and let us help you take your shipbuilding projects to new heights.