Portable Drills

The ProfiPlus MAB 1300 is currently the strongest magnetic core drilling machine, giving outstanding performance and exceptional power delivery. It is designed to meet all the expectations that arise in the heavy engineering & fabrication, shipbuilding, and production engineering environments. The machine is equipped with the latest in magnetic core drilling technologies and safety measures including protection from machine overheating, protection from tool damage, alerts when the carbon brushes are worn, and a warning when the magnet holding force is too low.


  • Drilling to Ø 130 mm with a cutting depth of 30 mm
  • MT 4 Motor, output of 2,300 Watt and all features of the ProfiPLUS class
  • With Power-Assist – servo-assisted drilling
  • portable and easy to handle despite its weighty 51 kg.
  • Single Phase power supply helps reduce the power consumption