PBM-4500 ID Mount End Prep & Flange Facer (1.25″ to 8″ ID)

The PBM-4500 is a right-angled pipe (tube) end-prep machining tool designed to face, bevel, and counterbore for cutting end-prep configurations for welding. These operations can be performed separately or simultaneously. The current model uses a pneumatic powered motor. An optional electric motor is available upon request.

This machine uses an internal expanding clamping mandrel with interchangeable pad sets, which will accommodate internal diameters from a 1.250 in to 4.850 in (31.75 mm to 123.19 mm) ID (standard mandrel). An optional large mandrel is available and will mount from 4.630 in to 8.000 in (117.60 mm to 203.20 mm) ID.

The PBM-4500 beveling machine is capable of tube and pipe weld end preparation that meets all existing conventional codes including the more stringent nuclear codes. The expanding mandrel provides fast, accurate, self-centering alignment to the pipe or tube to be machined.


  • Light weight – 25 lbs
  • Tool bits held in by our wedge lock system
  • Clamping mandrel with bolt-on locator pads (no springs); stops any pieces from dropping down into the work piece
  • Our worm drive system provides exceptional torque for demanding applications
  • Pneumatic and electric motors available
  • Mandrels cover a range of 1.25 in to 8 in (31.75 mm to 203.20 mm) ID
  • Face both the raised face and bolt hole surface of a flange