4-14 S2 Line Boring Machine

Introducing the Superior 4-14 S2 Line Boring Machine.  With 40 years of line boring experience, we bring you our most advanced machine yet.  This machine is modular for easier handling, with its heaviest component weighing 10 lbs less than its predecessor, as well as having a significantly smaller foot print.  A new bar coupler provides easier set-up while reducing vibration, and larger guide bars double its rigidity.  The 4-14 S2 is designed for power and precision with its all-new digital hand unit with easy-to-read display.  Its advanced features include precise RPM and feed control, a digital readout (DRO) for accurate positioning, Cycle Mode for automating cuts, and load monitoring that allows you to push the machine to its limit. For more information, request a quote below.


  • Lighter, 2x stiffer and has a smaller footprint than its predecessor
  • All-new easy-to-read digital display showing feed current, feed rate, and RPM
  • Accurate position control with DRO
  • Automated cutting with Cycle Mode
  • Load monitoring of feed and rotation with automatic shut-off
  • Cutting tool travel 14.5 in (368 mm)
  • Feed per minute ranging from 0 – 6.5 in per minute (165 mm per minute)
  • Feed per rev starting at .1 - 20.5 thou per rev (.0025 - .521 mm per rev)
  • Rapid traverse at 8.3 in per minute (211 mm per minute)
  • Super lightweight base machine weights 51 lbs (23.1 kg); and the pendant at 3 lbs (1.36 kg)
  • Powerful four variable speed reversible bar drive 3hp (2200W) motor weighing in at 26.5 lbs (12.02 kg)
  • Available in 110 V & 230V systems
  • Includes wide range of bore diameters from 1.5 to 16 in (38.1 to 406.4 mm)
  • Bar drive torque at 203 ft-lbs of torque (275 Nm)


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