FF ID Mount Flange Facer

The FF-1100 is an ID mount flange facer designed for flange refacing and sealing faces of flange joints typically used in pressure vessel systems. The FF-1100 can create flat faces and a variety of grooved profile faces (such as RTJs (ring-type joints). Our robust, lightweight, and efficiently designed flange facer can work in the tightest and most obscure places. It can be used to turn flanges of 43” OD to 5.7” ID. For more information on how you can rent or purchase our FF-1100 flange facer, request a quote below.


  • Easy-to-read scales
  • Repeatable auto-feed (both directions)
  • Crash protection with slip clutch and mechanical kick-out gear
  • Works on linear rails for smooth, stable cuts
  • Equipped with adjustable jaws
  • Fitted with a double slip clutch for reduced downtime cutting
  • Equipped with a 2.4HP air motor with a worm drive to generate high torque.
  • Extremely flexible
  • Zero sheer pins
  • The auxiliary axis can be rotated through a range of 180 degrees.
  • It features a radial and an auxiliary feed axis.

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