Portable, Powerful, and Easy to Use

The powerful SPR York 4-14 ET (electric touch) portable line-boring machine was developed to perform on-site line boring and site repair, and is portable to help you and your team reduce load times and heavy equipment downtime.

Unique to this line boring machine is the variable speed systems available through different bar attachments, allowing for increased performance. Additionally, the control system makes operation easy, and it comes with a calibration wrench to accurately adjust the cutting tool before use.

When you buy an SPR York line boring machine from Superior, you’ll also get the expertise of factory-trained dealer representatives who will provide demonstrations and training for line boring and bore welding. Your safety is our top priority.

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  • Compatible with both electric and hydraulic boring bar drives for varying motor speeds
  • Can be automatically fed or hand-fed to address specific situations
  • Option to add a remote for ease of use
  • Line boring can be done horizontally or vertically
  • Comes with a digital touchpad and LED indicator lighting for increased safety
  • Universal mount for line boring and bore welding allows for easy setup
  • Available in 110v 60hz and/or 240v 50hz
  • Electric drives provide line boring between 1 1/2 – 16”, and up to 24” with a hydraulic bar drive



The video below goes over the specifications, benefits, and best use cases for the York 4-14 ET Portable Line Boring Machine. It also demonstrates how to use this line boring system and what the finished product will look like.


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Boring Bar Packages

We offer different packages ranging in size to provide you with the best deal for your team’s needs. We have 5 boring bar packages available, and custom packages can be created upon request.

                  QR code with a list of packages available from Superior Tools for boring bar attachments.

Product Catalog

The York 4-14 ET Line Boring Machine has a number of accessories and attachments to improve its function and allow it to work in a variety of settings. Our product catalog goes over the available tools and additions you can add to your York line boring system to make it work better for you.

QR code with information about accessories and attachments for the York 4-14 ET Line Boring Machine.

Specification Sheet

This document lays out the product dimensions and specifications of the electric feed carriage, manual feed carriage, electric bar drive, and hydraulic bar drives.

QR code that lists the product dimensions and specifications of the York 4-14 ET Line Boring Machine and its attachments.

Operating Manual

The operating manual goes over everything you need to know about owning and operating the York portable line boring machine, from the specifications to safety precautions and setup instructions.

QR code with detailed information about the specifications, use, safety precautions, operation, maintenance, and warranty of the York 4-14 ET Line Boring Machine.

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