ID Mount Flange Facers

Though today's flanges are mass-produced with machined surfaces, damage to the flange surface while in transit or during installation can still occur. The result is scratches and dents to the sealing surface. Damage like this can put the integrity of the joint in grave danger. At SPR, our new range of ID flange facers can turn flanges as small as 5.7” ID to as large as 43” ID and restore their integrity.

Our ID Mount Flange Facers are versatile and extremely easy to set up. Regardless of the version you choose, our ID mount flange facers have a bi-directional and reliable auto and surface feed performance. At SPR, our flange facers are capable of creating both flat and grooved surfaces. We have pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric powered versions that can be provided as an option on many machines within our flange facer range.

We offer a comprehensive range of ID mount flange facers that are incredibly flexible to use, simple to get excellent results with, and safe to operate, thanks to added safety features.

As always, all purchases and rentals from SPR come with training and 24/7 customer support. For more information on purchasing or renting, request a quote below.