We Have an Extensive Inventory of Specialty Equipment to Meet your Rental Needs

Whether it’s a question of scheduling, convenience, or budget, sometimes it makes more sense to rent rather than purchase equipment. At Superior, our entire line of specialty tools is also available for rent. From pipe cutters and milling machines to line boring and bore welders, we offer state-of-the-art equipment and customizable solutions to meet your needs. SPR provides:

Quality Equipment
  • All our equipment is thoroughly inspected before every rental to ensure safety and functionality.
Competitive Rates
  • We have a wide range of efficient, well-maintained equipment. We pride ourselves on providing our equipment at competitive rental rates.
No Hidden Fees
  • No one likes hidden costs. At SPR, ‘additional charges’ are not in our vocabulary. You won’t see any unnecessary or unexpected charges.
Best-in-Class Customer Service
  • We have an unwavering commitment to helping our clients get the job done and a willingness to go the extra mile.

Being successful in the equipment rental industry requires honesty, reliable equipment, and excellent customer service. At SPR, our rental team is well-versed in meeting a wide variety of safety and scheduling requirements, in some cases within a 24-hour window. We look forward to working with you!