Aggressive Clamshell Split Frame

The Aggressive split frames are rigid, versatile, and operator friendly. Available in both steel and aluminum designs, these split frames allow for heavy cutting to achieve a decrease in cutting time. The Aggressive split frames can be used on thin wall or heavy wall pipe, flanges, 90’s and reducers. All Aggressive split frames have the following capabilities:

  • Sever and Bevel with Form Tooling
  • Bevel with Signal Point Attachment
  • Miter
  • Counter Bore
  • Deep Bore Turning

The aluminum split frames cover ranges from 4” to 30” and the steel split frames cover from 4" to 150." For more information on how you can purchase or rent an Aggressive clamshell split frame, request a quote below.


  • Nitride Finish to Prevent Corrosion
  • Tool Slides Made of High Strength Alloy Steel With High Phos-Nickel Finish
  • 4140 Preheated Steel Frame Design
  • Quickly Splits to Mount Around In-Line Pipe O.D.
  • Quick Change Leg Design
  • One Man Can Easily Set Up in Minutes
  • Optional Light Weight Design
  • Can Be Mounted on Straight Run Pipe or Elbows
  • Motor Options Include Pneumatic, Hydraulic, and Electric
  • Available Cutting Attachments
    • Axial Feed
    • Bridge Slide
    • Counter Bore – Straight
    • Counter Bore – Swivel
    • Facing Attachment (125 Or 250 Finish)
    • Out of Round Slides