DynaPrep Clamshell Split Frame

Redefining the standard in portable, cold cutting machine tools is the DynaPrep Clamshell Split Frame. SPR is a proud supplier of this tool and rents it for various applications within the construction, decommissioning, fabrication, and refurbishment industries.

Named for their capacity to split in half for mounting to the outside of inline pipe, the MDSF modular design maintains a low clearance design compared to DynaPrep’s previous designs with the LCSF series.

The DynaPrep is designed to bevel, cut, single point, counterbore, and face flanges on tubing and pipe ranging from 0.5 to 120 inches O.D. on the majority of wall thicknesses and materials.

SPR is proud to offer the DynaPrep split frame in three product ranges:

  • SDSF (Small Diameter Split Frames) is used for cutting, beveling, and counterboring piping and tubing from 0.5” O.D.
  • MDSF (Medium Diameter Split Frames) is also known as Modular Design Split Frames. This product range is DynaPrep’s most popular and versatile line. It can cut, bevel, face, counterbore, and flange face. It is available in 16 standard model sizes, which range in pipe sizes from 2”-72” O.D.
  • LDSF (Large Diameter Split Frame) for cutting, beveling, counterboring, and facing everything from vessels and pipes to heat exchangers. LDSFs are available in four sizes within the range of 60”-120” O.D.

DynaPrep’s clamshell split frame is built on a legacy full of innovations and patent-pending features, making it more powerful, versatile, and faster to set up and operate.

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