Easy Weld BW-612

The Easy Weld BW-612 is a compact yet highly capable bore welding system specializing in ID or OD weld build up and repair.  This machine can easily cover the majority of bore repair work with a range of 1.5 to 12”, has a standard 6in stroke (optional 12in) and utilizes step technology allowing a complete first and final pass of the bore, as opposed to spiral bead machines.  The York Easy Weld can be used with any wire feeder that has burn-back control and has a simple remote control that adjusts the torch rotation speed and turns the wire feeder on and off. The Easy Weld can weld in any position and mounts to the same Universal Mounting System that supports the boring bar. For more information on purchasing or renting, request a quote below.


  • 1.5–12″ (38–305mm)
  • Standard operating range: 1.5-12” (38-305mm)
  • Weld stroke: 6” (203mm)
  • Standard maximum current: 200 amps
  • Standard wire size: .035-.045 (.76-1.13mm)
  • Adjustable step size
  • Rotation: clockwise
  • Weight: 12lbs

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