Superior's Portable Bore Welder

Make your welding job easier with Superior Plant Rentals and the York Easy Weld BW-612, a portable bore welder that offers affordable welding performance and ensures your team remains safe while performing high-quality welds.

Superior has an array of automated, portable bore welding systems. The Easy Weld BW-612 can be used both on the field and in the shop for repairs. With a universal design, they can mount to most portable boring bar setups and can be used independently thanks to the tripod base.

By taking the torch out of the welder’s hand and placing it in a controlled position, our portable welder allows your team to concentrate on the weld parameters without having to work in uncomfortable, unsafe positions. It also limits their exposure to heat and fumes.

When you choose our portable machining, you’ll save time and money. For more information on purchasing or renting from Superior, request a quote.


  • Offers affordable, high-quality welding performance
  • Works for bore, flange, and valve repairs
  • Can be programmed for circular, segment, or skip
  • All electrical connections are made through one cable
  • Allows for ease of use, particularly in difficult-to-reach areas
  • Consumables are available from local welding suppliers
  • Compatible with most boring bar setups


The video below goes over the three different bore welders available from Superior Plant Rentals, including their features and how they can help you and your team increase productivity while maintaining consistent quality.


Additional Resources

Below are additional resources about the York Easy Weld BW-612 portable bore welder. Click each one to read about the specifications, parts, and accessories that can ensure your bore welding machine works for any job you need.


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