Boring bars come in numerous sizes, depending on the job at hand. SPR has manufactured many different sizes for a variety of industries. Our large diameter, B3000 12-inch boring bar was custom built for the shipbuilding industry and is unrivaled in its precision and quality.

The B3000 large diameter boring bar is chrome plated and has twin lead screws at 180° to feed the cutter head smoothly along the complete length allowing for balanced feeding. Available in lengths up to 30-feet, it has spherical roller bearings allowing an alignment adjustment of up to 10 degrees. This is especially critical when holding tolerances.

The model is equipped with a variable feed rate, bar rotation speed range, and choice of direction, all of which are controlled using a handheld remote. The B3000 is powered using a 40-horsepower hydraulic power unit that produces 3,045 ft/lb (4128 Nm) of torque. Additionally, the boring bar rotation is driven by four motors instead of one. Our motors are operated in two sets that can be switched between serial and parallel. This creates a two-speed hydraulic system, which doubles the functional RPM. 

Superior’s large boring bars were designed for the shipbuilding industry to complete repairs on machine rudder housings, engine blocks, crane pinholes, compressor cases, steam chests, rudder seals through the ship wall, and a variety of other applications. 

If you're in the market for a large boring bar, Superior has the state-of-the-art piece of equipment for you. Take the opportunity today and contact us; our extensive industry knowledge, coupled with our unparalleled customer service, will exceed your expectations.