Superior sells and rents equipment that covers a wide range of applications, with operator efficiency built into the overall design. We design and manufacture equipment that is versatile, efficient, and designed with the end-user in mind. SPR provides tools and equipment for field machining, line boring and bore welders, isolation and weld testing, pipe cutting and beveling, tensioning and bolting, and precision grinding and tooling.

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Renting from SPR is an opportunity to see first-hand the quality of our diversified inventory. SPR provides customers with the option to rent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. SPR provides top-notch equipment, superior service, operator training, and rugged equipment as part of the rental package.

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Custom Engineering

SPR is in a unique position to transfer your ideas into reality. State of the art technology allows us to design, 3D model, and develop your machine digitally. Then, our master craftsmen use computer-aided manufacturing equipment to build your tool to exacting specifications. Let our digital design and manufacturing teams save you expense and downtime on your next project.

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Precision Grinding & Tooling

You research the tool manufacturer before buying or renting your cutting tools. However, it is the bit that makes the cut and determines your productivity.

Whether it is a regrind, remake, or a new bit, SPR Cliff’s Bits delivers the highest quality bits at the best possible price. Whether I.D. mount or split frame clamshell tools, we have the experience and expertise to be your first-choice supplier.

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