SPR’s Linear Mill is our most powerful three-axis machine within our vast milling machine lineup. It is our 'go-to' tool for precision milling of critical mounting surfaces. This revolutionary tool can be configured for both gantry and linear milling in any position. It is the piece of machinery professionals ask for when the job is in a hard-to-reach location. From the LM-800-4 to the 1400-10 model, we have a range of designs that have revolutionized the capabilities and functionality of portable linear mills. Read on to learn the three primary reasons SPR’s linear mills are the best products on the market today.


Minimal Friction Rail TechnologyIMG_0409

SPR’s reduced friction rail system allows for the ultimate in smooth, continuous, and non-stick travel. Our linear mills are precisely machined and have aligned rails with advanced lubrication making machining applications smooth and efficient. This low-friction system reduces maintenance costs and extends our machines’ product life. Precision balls screw in the X, Y, and Z-axis enable the precise tolerances to be achieved.


Flexible Configuration & Ease of Operation

Our linear mills are the definition of state-of-the-art design and flexibility. Regardless of the model you chose, your machine can be configured for traditional linear milling, or gantry milling by simply splitting the rails lengthwise. It couldn't be easier. All of our machines have a dis-engageable drive wheel (X-axis), allowing the user to smoothly move the spindle/saddle assembly across the bed for quick alignment and leveling. The Y-axis is interchangeable with an angle bracket, y – bridge or gantry arm. Their magnetic leveling shelf allows for quick reading on the cutter/spindle assembly. They also come with a variety of cutting heads (6”, 8”, 10” and 12”), and are capable of milling on either side of the bed (180°).


IMG_8564Precise & Powerful Machining

Regardless of the model of linear mill you choose all of them can be used on any axis thanks to a milling head that can rotate an entire 360°. There is also an optional swivel plate designed for optimal spindle flexibility, whether that is horizontal, vertical, and/or angular. The variety of choices allows the machine to produce CNC quality work either in the field or in the shop, depending on the job requirements.

 SPR’s linear mills feature tremendous heavy-duty spindle design thanks to a choice of either a hydraulic (5HP manual or 10 HP remote) or pneumatic (90psi @ 90cfm) variable feed which allows up to 9” of travel per minute. Depending on the model you select, the X-axis can travel from 48-120”, the Y-axis to 27” and the Z-axis to9”.


SPR’s Linear Mills

SPR’s linear mills are unlike any product on the market. They are extremely powerful, highly versatile machines designed for a variety of applications, including refineries, chemical plants, shipyards, manufacturing facilities, water boxes, pump bases, motor bases, blower foundations, and oil and gas, to name a few.

As with all our rentals at SPR, your requested piece of equipment will arrive promptly on-site, in excellent condition, and ready for work. Our outstanding customer service and knowledgeable team of professionals are happy to assist you. The goal is to ensure our machines help you get the job done right and on schedule.