The lathe is one of the oldest machining technologies known to man, yet it’s still very important to remember the key parts of the how a lathe operates. Using a lathe is often called turning because the workpiece turns instead of the tool itself. Turning is the machining process used to make round, cylindrical parts. Lathes are most often used to narrow the diameter of a work piece to a specific dimension, producing a smooth surface finish. The cutting tool steadily approaches the rotating workpiece until it begins peeling away the surface as it moves horizontally across the side (if the part is a shaft) or cross the face (if the part is drum-shaped).

Today’s lathes have evolved dramatically; they are now portable. The top-quality work that we used to be able to do only in the shop can now be done on site, thanks to the portable lathe and companies like Superior Plant Rentals.

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SPR’s ILT-1000 & ILT-1600 Portable Inline Turning Lathes

Superior Plant Rentals offers two different kinds of inline turning lathes, both of which are portable. Each is ideally suited for onsite resurfacing of large shafts, bearing journals/seats and stub shafts. The ILT-1000 and ILT-1600 require little to no disassembly or the usual relocation of equipment which can very often be costly. The ILT-1600 is designed to cover diameters from 8.0 in to 16.0 in (203.20 mm to 406.40 mm), where the ILT-1000 is designed to cover diameters from 4.00 in to 9.44 in (101.60 mm to 238.76 mm). Both portable lathes operate on precision linear guide bearings and are operated by two lead screws in order to ensure a balanced feeding. These lathe’s rotation and variable and reversible feed rate are hydraulically driven. They also feature continuous and variable speed control and can be independently adjusted while in use. The two-position feed motor has a rapid traverse clutch, the ability to cut threads, and an X/Y adjustable mounting. Either lathe can be customized for certain applications.

Advantages of SPR’s ILT Portable Lathes


Whether it’s a quick job on site, or a larger more time consuming one, SPR’s ILT-1000 or ILT-1600 are up for the challenge. Both pieces of equipment bear the SPR name and as such, are built of top-quality materials. Their portability means that you will be able to bring them to the job site saving time and money in the process. Any questions or concerns you have about the portable lathe we can answer at SPR because we have a team of experts who have the experience and understanding to help you. For more information on how our portable lathes can help you, feel free to contact us.