Pipe beveling (or end prep) is a procedure involving the edge of a pipe or tube and a plane that lies perpendicular to the surface. A pipe beveler is the tool used to prep the metal in order to weld the seam. Pipe beveling can produce several different angles; however, the most common bevel is a 37.5-degree angle.

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What are the essential factors in choosing a pipe beveling machine?

Regardless of the beveling angle you choose, maintaining the 37.5-degree angle is crucial to a successful bevel. A second factor to completing a decent bevel is its length. It is vital to have a constant length. Without it, the weld won't be nearly as strong, and its integrity could be compromised.

Speed is a third factor in choosing a pipe beveling machine. A good one should be able to get the job done in the absolute quickest period of time possible.

What are the benefits of buying a portable pipe beveler?

Increased Versatility

The beauty of a portable pipe beveler is that it can be taken anywhere with the configuration of your choice. Also, a single operator can use this type of beveler, allowing work processes to function better than ever. A portable pipe beveler can handle tasks in the shop and out in the field, making all welding prep quick and as straightforward as it should be.

Increased Productivity

Portable pipe bevelers are typically more expensive than stationary ones. Yet, that doesn't mean it's not worth the investment. A portable pipe beveler automatically boosts the productivity of every employee that uses it. These bevelers allow a single employee to handle the beveler and its functions without the need for assistance. This means that pipe machining operators are more likely to operate at a much quicker pace. Jobs get done quicker and more efficiently.  

Greater Employee Satisfaction

The idea that a single employee can perform all the essential tasks ensures that everyone stays focused on the task at hand. It can be highly inefficient to stop a project mid-way to go help someone else with a pipe beveling tool. However, with portable pipe beveling machines, everyone can stay focused and on their task. The result is greater employee satisfaction and efficiency, and businesses see a tremendous ROI (return on investment).

Are portable pipe bevelers easy to set up?

Portable pipe bevelers are so easy to set up that this is one of its primary selling points. Not only is it easy to use, but setup is straightforward. Within minutes, the lightweight, versatile beveler can be producing results for your business. It's that straightforward.

In simple terms, you definitely "get what you pay for" when buying a pipe beveler. Investing in a quality tool that is easy to set-up, versatile, productive, and straightforward to use can help the end user see significant improvement in efficiency and growth. SPR's portable ID mount pipe beveling machines are lightweight, easy to use, and ensure consistency with each cut. The PBM-2500 and the PBM-4500 are made of the utmost quality and ensure the job gets done correctly and accurately. Not to mention they're backed by SPR's excellent customer service and client training. For more information on the Superior pipe bevelers, contact us today!