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It's one thing to say milling machines can be used for a wide range of applications in various industries, including the power generation, oil and gas, and shipbuilding industries. But if you are not familiar with how a gantry, linear, 2-axis, and a 3-axis milling machine can be used, how would you know which machine is best for your application? Simply stated, at Superior, our milling machines are both flexible and adaptable for numerous applications. If you don’t take our word for it, read on to learn the various ways our milling machines can be used.

Pump & Motor Pads

Milling Machine Close-Up

In oil and gas plants, pumps and motors require metal pads and skids to be correctly mounted. These are needed so that the pumps and motors remain level, do not vibrate, and operate smoothly. Inevitably over time, the settling of the foundation and the sheer weight of the equipment causes movement or distortion, which can be repaired using a milling rail mounted onto a gantry frame.

Split Lines on a Turbine

Often, steam turbines need to be refurbished. Part of the procedure includes machining the casing split-lines back to their original specification. A milling rail is hoisted onto a gantry frame and provides the accuracy needed for this type of procedure.

Stay Vane Machining

Stay vanes control the water flow inside a turbine by guiding it to the runner blades. They are designed to make a turbine more efficient. Stay vanes remain stationary in their position and reduce the swirling of water due to radial flow as it enters the runner blades. One of Superior’s 3-axis milling machines is perfect for improving the efficiency of the stay vane to ensure the water is flowing at maximum speed into the runner blades.

Exchanger Mill - Pass Partitions

Partition Slots on Heat Exchangers

It is the partition slots and partition plates on heat exchangers that are most prone to corrosion. One of the most economical solutions is welding and re-machining them back to their original specification. Superior has the milling machine for this type of job, which can be brought to the site to work on the heat exchanger.

Superior Milling Machines

Whatever job you have, whether it's large or small, Superior has the milling machine in stock for you. From gantry, linear, 2-axis, and 3-axis machines, we have the selections you need.  As with all of our milling machine rentals and purchases, at SPR, your requested piece of equipment will arrive promptly on-site, in excellent condition, and ready for work. Our outstanding customer service and knowledgeable team of professionals are happy to assist you. Our goal is to ensure our machines help you get the job done right and on time.