An OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and is most often a vital part of operating your business. At SPR, we are a quality OEM, designing and building a majority of our products. When we supply you, for example, with your ID mount flange facers, CNC rotary mill, or line boring machines, they come with all our precision components. These are specified to meet the demands and rugged operating conditions they might encounter during use. When you purchase OEM equipment from SPR, you will get the same tools and accessories designed for that unit to deliver a superior performance. Yet, there are several other benefits to having OEM parts.


In the event you need to replace a part on a machine, you will want to have the confidence that the replacement is either identical or better than what was there prior. Only an OEM made from a company like SPR can provide that type of reassurance. Instead of spending an inordinate amount of time worrying that the parts are not the same, forcing you to return to the vendor time and again, all of our components are built and tested to correspond to the original. They are made of the highest quality materials. They will be compatible with your existing equipment and perform according to factory specifications in the same vein.  Yes, you can find the replacement part online, but is it made from the same material as the original? You never have to ask that question with SPR. The answer is always: yes!

2. Continuous Support

When you purchase from SPR, you not only walk away with a new state-of-the-art item, you gain access to a variety of technical and engineering support. At SPR, our knowledgeable and experienced team will be more than happy to answer all of your questions. Whether it’s by phone, email, online, or face-to-face, if you’ve got a question or concern, we’re here to help.

3. Warranty

One of the most significant advantages of ordering spare parts from an OEM is that they come with a manufacturer’s warranty. If you receive a part with any defects, contact us; we will be happy to replace it or solve the problem to your satisfaction. That is the SPR guarantee!

4. Rapid Response Time

Opting to purchase from an OEM means you can be confident that the response will be quicker when you need a replacement part. This is due primarily to the fact that, as the OEM, we have access to the original drawings. At SPR, our goal is to respond and produce the desired product in the most efficient way possible.

Part of our rapid response time includes our 10 locations across the US and Canada. We’re able to ship almost anywhere around the globe if time is of the essence. SPR recognizes that your business might have unique demands. Sometimes, it takes a little bit of creative thinking and shipping to get your products where they need to go safely.

5. Long Lifecycle

When you replace parts in your machine, there’s an expectation that it will continue to provide the same quality performance you’ve grown to enjoy. Buying from an OEM ensures there will be no degradation in performance when there’s a need for replacement parts. SPR’s genuine spare parts are designed to deliver optimal performance. In many cases, they will last much longer than the less expensive and more poorly made aftermarket parts. This is due to SPR’s high-quality materials and our built-in testing features.

SPR’s OEM, The Ultimate Return on Investment

As an OEM, the parts we supply are designed to fit and perform to our SPR equipment specifications. This increases the life of our machines. It also maximizes productivity for you, the customer, and reduces downtime in the future.