Even in 2022, portable machining technology is still a relatively recent and misunderstood concept. Traditionally, the approach has been to bring the workpiece to the machine located in-shop. But with companies like Superior Portable Machine Tools (SPR), the concept of portable machining has revolutionized the oil and gas, ship building, and energy generation industries to name a few. Portable machining allows operators to bring the machine tool to the workpiece which presents a wide array of advantages.

Less Costly - One of the largest benefits of utilizing portable machining technology is the amount of money you save. Plant equipment that requires repair can remain in-situ or stationery. The savings incurred by not having to transport the machine to the repair shop, much less having to disassemble and then reassemble the workpiece, are significant.



Less Time Offline - Not only will you be saving money, but also downtime. If your piece of equipment must be taken off-line for repairs, that might force the shutdown of your entire operation until the piece is in working order. The portable machine tools offered by SPR facilitate more efficient shutdowns; shortly after the tools have done their job, the workpiece can be back on-line and working at maximum efficiency once again. This means the only downtime the required maintenance or repair will face is when it’s actually being worked on.


High Quality RepairsBy employing portable machine tools from SPR, your team of trained professionals will be able to access the same level of high quality, precision machining they’re used to in-shop. Certain standards that you thought might only be achievable in a machine shop can now be realized on site. You won’t have to sacrifice quality, even in some of the most difficult and inhospitable work conditions, thanks to the portable machine tools available through Superior. 

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SPR’s portable machine tools are the most sensible solution for companies needing precision machining in a hurry. Whether it’s construction, power generation, or oil and gas extraction, every industry that uses machines requires precision, efficiency, and speed when it comes to repairs. Thanks to SPR’s portable machine tools, our clients know that’s exactly what they’re going to get. Give us a call today!