ODFF New LookYour company has made the decision to either buy or rent a flange facing machine from SPR. That question has been answered. But what remains to be seen is, do you know what features and benefits you should be looking for in your flange facing machine? What do you need to do to ensure you get consistent results every time? That is where SPR can help.

What is its machining range?

What are the minimum and maximum size the flange facing machine is capable of machining? Our aluminum flange facers can machine 10”, 13”, 16”, and 20” sizes. Whereas our steel flange facers can machine 32”, 42”, 52”, 62”,72”, 82”, and 102” sizes. In our experience at SPR, we have found it may be more beneficial to select a machine that is able to machine a wider range of flange sizes. We have machines that can be mounted both internally and externally to cover most mounting options for whatever application is necessary.

Are they easy to use?

All our belt-driven flange facers come equipped with both the radial and auto-axial feed features. This reduces the need for continued manual adjustment, making additional operations such as boring and counter-boring much easier. They are available in both manual and automatic feeds. Our flange facing machines can be mounted vertically, horizontally, and even upside-down if required. They are equipped with compound that swivels, allowing them to flexibly machine a variety of angles from 0 to 90 degrees.


How powerful is it?

Take the time to understand the full power capabilities of your flange facing machine. This will allow you to make the most informed decision possible. You don’t want to buy or rent a machine today, only to have to return six months later to get one with more horsepower. Choosing a flange facing machine with more power will help remove more material faster and with much greater accuracy. Additionally, all SPR’s flange facing machines are available with either a pneumatic or hydraulic motor. A flange facing machine that can be powered by both methods can be utilized much more frequently.

Does it have accessories?

Part of being thorough in your research for the correct flange facing machine is ensuring the one you select has enough accessories. This could include attachments for machining compact flanges and kits to convert the machine for orbital milling and valve-seat machining. All SPR’s flange facing machines come with an array of accessories to ensure you get as many different jobs done as you can.

SPR’s Flange Facing Machines

When choosing a flange facing machine, have you looked at its accessories? Its machining ranges? Or its ease of use? All of these are important questions to ask before making any decisions. To some, it might simply look like a flange facing machine. However, to you, it is a major investment in ensuring the job gets done right and on time. SPR is more than happy to help. Give us a call today!